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Fur Goodness’ Sake!

Love your pets but love a clean house just a bit more? While it’s virtually impossible to completely avoid pet fur and other critter elements shedding everywhere, there are some simple strategies that go a long way toward containing the problem.

Banishing pet hair from your house to the doghouse

Pet hair will be a fact of life if you keep a dog or cat in your house. But you don’t have to accept living in the fur they shed. Here are some tips for reducing pet hair in your house, and how to remove them quickly.

Rejuvenating your spaces – without a remodel

A home is more than just a place to return to at night. It’s a sanctuary from the rest of the world, a space where we live, relax, play and build relationships with our family. So when a person’s surroundings start falling apart or getting old, it’s no surprise that they themselves may soon get in a rut that a simple clean up or de-cluttering can’t help. Sometimes nothing less than a reshaping of personal space is needed to rejuvenate our spirits.

Make a splash at Songkran with some modern appliances

Thailand turns on the waterworks with a smile this week. 13 April marks the arrival of a New Year for Thais with Songkran, the country’s traditional New Year’s Day and one of the most important dates in the Thai calendar.