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Making Valentine’s Day special the right way

Valentines’ Day celebrations don’t always have to blow a hole in your wallet. Rather than spending your way to the perfect Valentines’, finding new ways to speak your significant other on this day may be a better way to show your appreciation for them.

Feng shui for your home for a better 2014

It’s 2014, and a new set of energies, or Qi, are flowing into homes. Practising the ancient art of Feng Shui involves adjusting your surroundings to encourage the flow of positive energies into your environment. With the beginning of the new year, it’s time to take a look at optimising your home to receive these new energies.

Zodiac elements and you

According to the Chinese zodiac, everyone is born under one of 12 animal signs, depending on the year of birth. While this zodiac sign does influence a person’s personality and life, the element associated with each year also affects these characteristics.

Common no-nos in decorating the home

The house might be outfitted with the right furniture, but there’s something about it that doesn’t seem quite right. Having the basics in a house doesn’t guarantee the creation of a home. Common home décor mistakes can make a space feel cold or awkward.

Four common bedroom design mistakes

The bedroom is one of our most important personal spaces, and it’s easy to go wild with its design – only to regret some decisions later. Many design mistakes however, are not all that uncommon.

Choose an ergonomic vacuum that’s right for your body

When choosing a vacuum for the home, it’s easy to focus mainly on the features and aesthetics of the appliance. While ergonomics is often used as a descriptive buzzword for a product that is designed to be comfortable, a truly ergonomic appliance goes beyond ease of use to helping its user work better.

Fifteen minutes to a cleaner bedroom

The bedroom. Our final refuge after a long, hard day. The one place where we can relax in total privacy.

Song Kran: More Than A Splashing Good Time

The Land of A Thousand Smiles breaks out into an exuberant water festival filled with laughter and merry-making every April when Song Kran comes round.