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The DIY guide to pickling your produce

You can find all sorts of pretty jars and artisanal pickle plates in the best restaurants these days that stretch far beyond just cucumbers. Making homemade pickles at home is easy and helps use up any extra produce you have.

Four time-saving laundry cleaning hacks

Hate doing the laundry? A few simple tricks could save you precious time and effort when cleaning your clothes.

Omakase tips for home chefs

Omakase is a Japanese phrase meaning “I’ll leave it to you”. This leaves the meal selection to the chefand chefs are expected to be innovative and surprising. If you’re having a small but intimate dinner gathering, hosting an omakase-style dinner at home may be a good way to combine dinner with entertainment.

The beginner’s guide to fine caviar

They may be “just” salted fish eggs, but caviar is a food that’s synonymous with luxury. While we can find certain varieties for a few dollars at the supermarket, true gourmet caviar can cost between US$2,000 to US$34,500 for one kilogram.

Easy cooking – with the refrigerator

Whether you’re seeking relief from a hot day, or just trying to offset a spicy dish on the table, cold dishes can help beat the heat. Many are easy to prepare, and you don’t need elaborate appliances to do so.

Brew up your own kombucha at home!

Here’s an alcoholic drink with health benefits. Kombucha is a fizzy fermented drink made from sweetened black tea. The drink has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years with young foodies, although its roots go back centuries. The drink originated in China before spreading to Russia and the rest of Europe.

Cheese, whiskey’s new best friend

Whiskey is a drink best sipped socially, with friends or as a celebratory drink on important occasions. It can also be a great drink to pair with cheese if you want to have an inspired, indulgent finale to a meal.

An olive glossary for quick party platters

Olives are a common ingredient in many European and Mediterranean dishes. The type of olives used however, can vary depending on the type of dish served. While there are a large number of olive varieties available, there are essentially just two main types – black and green.

Quick fusion tapas ideas for parties

Tapas can be the ideal food to serve when trying to host a fuss-free soiree. Serving a variety of tasty dishes family-style in the middle of the table is also a great way to get guests talking to each other and about the food.

Getting the perfect pork roast out of your oven

The perfect pork roast should have a crisp, sharp crackling covering moist, evenly cooked meat. But that ideal can be tricky to achieve. Roast it at too high a temperature or for too long, and you could get a dry, tough and nigh inedible dish. Roast it too little and not only will the skin be chewy, you could be serving a health hazard. When it comes to getting the perfect pork roast, the answer may lie in the details.