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A quick guide to Feng Shui for the Dragon year

Originating in China, Feng Shui is the art of improving one’s life via arranging the environment to best allow positive energy into it. Some believe good Feng Shui brings good luck, while others attribute its benefits to the simple matter of an improved environment having a positive psychological effect on its inhabitants.

Get the right ‘big’ appliances for a big home

For those whose headcount at home includes grandparents and more than three kids, higher capacity appliances with more time efficient features may be required.

Electrolux brings more smiles with its first Concept Store in Thailand

Fans in the Land of Smiles had another reason to smile this week whenElectrolux opened its first Concept Store in Thailand. Launched on 9 February, the Electrolux Home Inspirations Showroom reaffirms Electrolux’s commitment to providing quality home solutions in the region. “As its name suggests, the Electrolux Home Inspirations showroom is aimed at providing our […]