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Tips to quickly improve your cooking skills

Cooking is seen as a skill improved through years of experience, with techniques and recipes passed down from parent to child. Becoming a master chef is a lifelong journey, as the recent Electrolux Asian Food Survey 2014 has shown. The survey, conducted in 10 countries in the Asia-Pacific, with over 5,000 participants taking part, showed that over 73% of adults in all countries aspired to continue improve their cooking skills.

4 professional kitchen technologies that can be found at home

Eating out these days doesn’t always guarantee a better meal. As cooking technologies develop, appliances that can match the performance of those in restaurants have been steadily making their way into home kitchens.

Infuse the New Year with more unique & delicious flavours

Those celebrating the Lunar New Year (LNY) or Tet in Vietnam can look forward to another month full of delicious treats especially with so many traditional dishes making their appearance at this time.