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Vegetable-based cakes to indulge a sweet tooth

The next time you’re looking for a cake with a difference, look no further than your garden’s greens. Vegetables can add a natural sweetness and texture to cakes, while adding a good dose of fibre to your diet. Such cakes can also be a great way to get kids eating their greens, and enjoying them.

Gifting for your next party’s hosts

We’ve all been there. You pay an old friend a visit and were treated to some great hospitality. You want to give them a gift, but can’t think of anything beyond a bottle of wine.

Baking healthier and tastier cakes with olive oil

Butter is a high-fat but necessary ingredient in baking, providing both flavour and fluffiness to a cake or muffin. But it’s not the only oil that can be used in baking.

Kitchen gadgets any culinary dad will love

Cooking is not just for mothers. Fathers can be culinary gods in the kitchen, too. The number of male celebrity chefs around the world is proof enough of that.