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Four Japanese egg dishes for your next meal

Whether it’s served with ramen, as a savoury custard or grilled in a pan and rolled into a log, eggs form the basis of some of the most popular dishes from Japan. Although it may seem that they can only be prepared in professional kitchens, many are not hard to replicate at home with the right equipment.

The beginner’s guide to bánh mì

Whether it’s for breakfast or a quick snack while on the go, the Vietnamese bánh mì sandwich is a quick, filling and delicious option. Alongside Pho, the bánh mì sandwich is one of Vietnam’s most famous foods.

Three old wives’ tales debunked (or not)

Eating more fish is not just good for your overall well-being, it also improves brain function. But eating meals after nine at night will make you gain weight so always have dinner early.

Fusion dishes for Christmas day

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to serve up those festive favourites once again.  With kitchen equipment like the Electrolux Inspiration Steam Combination oven, you will literally be able to bake your cake, eat it and more! And if you are looking to change things up this year, simply give your favourite […]