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Matching the chocolate to our cakes – a guide to using chocolate in baking

Learning the finer points of cacao can only enhance our love and enjoyment of our favourite year-round treat — and knowing how to choose the right bar can really take your baked goods to the next level.

Five deliciously vegetarian dishes for Christmas dinner

Have a vegetarian guest coming over for Christmas? Try these vegetarian twists on delicious staples and who knows; even the meat lovers will be happy – if not coming back for seconds.

Easy Christmas recipes for your oven

Hosting Christmas dinner for the whole family? You’ll probably want to look into having oven-baked dishes. Not only can large ovens like the 75L Electrolux Inspiration oven cook several batches of food at once for large parties, it even comes equipped with built-in food probes that let you know when a roast joint is cooked to perfection.

Achieving macaroon mecca with a few handy tips

French macaroons are a delight to the senses. Beautiful to behold, with bright enticing colours and delicate flavours like violet and pistachio.

Tips for balancing portions with enjoyment on special occasions

Many of us spend most of the year watching our diets and eating sensibly. Alas, all that hard work can be undone with a burst of social gatherings during holiday seasons or simply with a series of special occasions crammed into a short period.

The quick guide to pork cuts

No matter where it comes from, any pork cut can turn out luscious and tender with the right cooking methods. Steam combination ovens like those in the Electrolux Inspiration range come with a built-in meat probe that helps to thoroughly cook pork dishes to optimal doneness with minimal fuss.

Quick fusion tapas ideas for parties

Tapas can be the ideal food to serve when trying to host a fuss-free soiree. Serving a variety of tasty dishes family-style in the middle of the table is also a great way to get guests talking to each other and about the food.

Getting the perfect pork roast out of your oven

The perfect pork roast should have a crisp, sharp crackling covering moist, evenly cooked meat. But that ideal can be tricky to achieve. Roast it at too high a temperature or for too long, and you could get a dry, tough and nigh inedible dish. Roast it too little and not only will the skin be chewy, you could be serving a health hazard. When it comes to getting the perfect pork roast, the answer may lie in the details.

Baking up delicious rice dishes

Rice can be a versatile cooking ingredient, with different preparation methods and results to suit every palate. It can be enjoyed crispy, fluffy or even al dente.