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Nasi goreng – A national dish to celebrate any occasion

Nasi goreng, or literally “fried rice” in Indonesian and Malay, is the Indonesian take on a popular Asian dish. Its preparation, ingredients and flavours are unique enough for it to be considered one of Indonesia’s national dishes. It can be found anywhere in the country, from roadside stalls to restaurants.

4 professional kitchen technologies that can be found at home

Eating out these days doesn’t always guarantee a better meal. As cooking technologies develop, appliances that can match the performance of those in restaurants have been steadily making their way into home kitchens.

The quick guide to shrub cocktails

If you’re looking for a cocktail with a difference to serve your guests, consider taking out that bottle of vinegar from your kitchen.

Tips for using a Himalayan salt plate

The use of Himalayan salt plates in cooking is gaining popularity in recent years after appearing on the popular cooking tv show Iron Chef. Sourced and cut from natural salt deposits in the Himalays, these pink, mineral-rich slabs are loved for its ability to impart a delicate saltiness to food cooked or served on it.

Common beef scams encountered in restaurants

Restaurants charge top dollar for premium beef cuts from the right countries. But is that $60 Kobe filet mignon really from Kobe? Or even a filet mignon for that matter?

The quick guide to chili crab in the region

Ask a Singaporean about their national dish, and chances are good that the answer will be “chili crab”. Sweet, savoury and spicy all at once, this unique dish has gained popularity around and beyond the region.

Great steamy ideas for your oven

A steam combination oven can be one of the most versatile appliances in your kitchen, capable of several different methods of cooking – convection, steam and combination.

Five tips for a successful stir fry

Think “Asian cooking” and the usual image that comes to mind is that of a chef deftly manoeuvring a wok in the midst of a stir-fry. Wok frying is arguably the most frequently used cooking method in Asia, providing a large cooking area and its shape lends itself to scooping and moving ingredients around while cooking or serving.