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Crisper storage for fresher produce

A crisper drawer in the refrigerator can be your best friend when it comes to keeping your produce fresh. This special compartment, which can be found in modern fridges like the Electrolux Nutrifresh range, prevents moisture from escaping, and can specifically regulate the humidity in the compartment to keep your foods fresher for longer.

Spooktacularly healthy Halloween treats

Halloween may be a time for fun frights, but that doesn’t mean you have to load up your kids with scary amounts of sugary treats. With the right all-natural substitutes or simply through the use of organic produce, Halloween sweets can be easy on the waistline as well as your teeth.

Diets that keep us happy – and healthy

Most people are aware of the phenomenon of emotional eating – the habit of reaching for comfort food whenever we are unhappy or upset.

Quick tips for delicious food photos

In the age of social media, sharing what we eat has gone beyond splitting a portion of food. Photos of meals taken by smartphone are quite frequently put up on Facebook, blogs and other online channels for the admiration (and envy) of the people in our social networks.