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Dinner table decorations for the holiday season

No matter where you are, seasonality plays its part across all aspects of entertaining. In-season ingredients make their way into your meals, as well as when it comes to putting together tablescapes for your party.

Taking the right fork to your meals

Whether dining in a five-star restaurant or setting the table for an upscale dinner party, knowing how to properly use silverware is essential to making a good impression. But with so many different types of forks in various sizes, it can get confusing trying to get it right. If you’re hosting such a dinner party, the onus is on you to get it right for your guests.

A primer to the Tiny House movement

In an age of consumption and ever-increasing house prices, a new social movement for freer, simpler living has emerged. Singles and new families are moving into houses the size of a typical studio apartment, but one fully customised to their needs. Welcome to the Tiny House movement, where thousands of people are discovering the financial, environmental and social benefits of downsizing their living environment.

Four kitchen design mistakes to avoid

The kitchen is a large part of our home lives, where we cook, eat and even socialise with family and friends. A practical yet elegant kitchen design should thus avoid these no-nos.