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The toughest stains to clean (and how to clean them)

Everyday accidents at home can become cleaning nightmares on clothes. Some of the toughest stains faced by homemakers the world over come from surprisingly mundane causes.

Laundering tips for common clothing fabrics

We all know to sort our whites from coloured clothes before throwing them into the wash. But keeping the different fabrics that make up your wardrobe in tip-top condition may need a bit more care. After all, cotton and silk are made from different materials and should be handled differently. Here are some laundering tips for five common clothing fabrics:

World Water Day: How water efficient is your home and lifestyle?

Come 22 March , many governments and private organisations as well as people all around the world will commemorate World Water Day. The theme this year is ‘Water For Cities, The Urban challenge’. So what are you doing about the water situation right in your own home?