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The 101 on laundry for newborns

Dressing your newborn right goes beyond matching colours and styles. The right laundering practices can make wearing their clothing more comfortable while still looking their best.

Sustainability – the next big fashion trend

One industry spearheading the sustainability movement may come as a surprise: The fashion industry. Many of today’s hottest designers who are well aware of the need for plentiful materials are creating entire collections around the notion of sustainability — but the term isn’t easy to define. Sustainable fashion does have a few major features though.

Removing common stains from children’s uniforms

Every child will inevitably return home from school with stains on their clothes from time to time.  Knowing how to remove these stains can keep their uniforms or clothes looking pristine, and save you money in the long run. Investing in a good washing machine is the first step.  The Electrolux Time Manager range with […]

Cleaning smoky smells out of your laundry

Air quality has been a concern in recent years, with the Southeast Asian haze making an annual appearance during the dry season. A result of smoke created by forest fires, these particles not only make visibility and breathing difficult, they also stick to surfaces like clothing that can leave them smelling and looking the worse for wear.

Quick tips to clean up like a professional

Getting that extra shine out of the floors and furniture need not be a matter of paying the professionals. With some extra attention to detail, the house can be made to sparkle as though you’ve called in the experts.

The evolution of two everyday cleaning appliances

Cleaning today is far more convenient and less time-consuming than ever before. The time and energy savings of appliances like the washing machine and vacuum make running a modern household more manageable.

Staying fashionably sustainable with vegan chic

People who wish to cut out animal products from their lives may not want to stop at just following vegan diets. Living a true vegan lifestyle means choosing sustainable options in all aspects of life, even with clothes and shoes.

Understanding your bed linens for better snoozing

Given that we spend a third of our lives on them, bed linens are probably one of the most-used fabrics in our lives. Due to the large amount of time we spend in contact with them, they tend to accumulate dead skin, dust mites, sweat and hair oil residue. This makes it important to launder our bedding regularly.