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Creating flexibility in your floor plan

Gone are the days when building a new home meant being locked into a layout. Today’s trending designs let you repurpose rooms depending on your needs. You can have a “new home” without having to move.

Cleaning smoky smells out of your laundry

Air quality has been a concern in recent years, with the Southeast Asian haze making an annual appearance during the dry season. A result of smoke created by forest fires, these particles not only make visibility and breathing difficult, they also stick to surfaces like clothing that can leave them smelling and looking the worse for wear.

The care and preservation of paintings at home

Whether it’s an expensive masterpiece or a piece of art you’ve painstakingly created, you’ll want the paintings you hang on your walls to last and look its best. And you don’t need to have the vast resources of museums to do so.

Tips to protect your eyes for life

Sight is one of our most important senses, and keeping our eyes in good health can help stave off the effects of optical ageing for a long time.

The wonderful effects of vitamin C

Vitamin C is possibly the best-known vitamin due to its ability to boost your immune system and prevent illnesses like the flu. But its beneficial effects go beyond just health. Vitamin C also helps to reduce stress, improve your complexion and mitigate the effects of air pollution. Here’s a look at some of this vitamin’s lesser-known benefits.