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Electrolux’s new Chief Design Officer talks design for Asia

Empathy, emotion and simplification – these are the three hallmarks of award-winning designer Stefano Marzano’s approach to product design. Recently appointed as Electrolux’s Chief Design Officer, the immensely experienced Marzano brings decades of international design experience to Electrolux.

Maximise your cooking with Maxiflame heat

You may have the right ingredients, spices, condiments and the same recipes written by the professional chefs you’re hoping to emulate. Whydoes the result not quite taste the same?

How to cook to impress

According to the recent food survey by Electrolux, the ability to whip up a meal at home is a much sought after trait when looking for love here in Asia. So what are the main things to remember in the kitchen when you’re trying to impress that special someone?

Choosing a timeless colour scheme for the kitchen

With the array of colours available on materials today, trying to decide on a colour scheme for your kitchen design can be quite a challenge.

Asia Pacific’s cooking habits revealed in Electrolux Asia Pacific Food Survey 2012

The answers have been tallied and the results are in: The Asia Pacific’s crazy about cooking.

Drink the best the vine has to offer with the Vino wine chiller

Before there were refrigerators, there were wine caves and underground cellars offering cool, dark, humid and still surroundings, or simply, ideal storage conditions for wine. That has not changed today, although most will find owning an underground cave a challenging prospect. This is why good wine chillers mimic those conditions to give the modern wine […]

Combining contrasts – Lyndon Craig’s perspective on the future of home appliances at EuroCucina 2012

The latest kitchen devices showcased at the EuroCucina 2012 indicate that seemingly contrasting design goals can be combined through innovation. Appliances of the future will enhance our experiences through digital technology while becoming more environmentally friendly. Their design will range from ultra-minimalist to extreme decoration. Electrolux’s Senior Design Manager Lyndon Craig shares his observations and insights.

Heat Pump Dryers: Care for both your clothes and the environment

Clothes dryers have become a boon for urban dwellers with busy lives. With limited time and space to dry and hang their laundry, dryers can be essential in helping to get the moisture out of wet laundry efficiently and quickly.

Pairing it right with every meal

Those who enjoy brewed hops more than the pleasures of the vine might consider a new pairing of alcoholic beverages with their meals. After all, given the different flavours that can be found in the myriad varieties of craft beer out there, finding the right brew to go with your food might be much easier than having to choose the right wine.

The hidden saboteurs of your diet

Keeping an eye on calorie consumption is usually a key factor in any weight loss regime. Keeping the calorie count down however, can be a difficult task, even for those who make soups and salads a major part of their meals.