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Tips for giving your kids a New Year’s party to remember

Celebrating the holiday season can be fun and fulfilling, but it can also start to get tiring with energetic young kids raring to welcome another year in their lives. Even if Christmas celebrations have taken most of the wind out of your sails, it’s not out of the question to still throw a nice family party for yourself and your kids. Here are some adaptations on New Year’s traditions for family-friendly celebrations.

Cook in stages with a microwave for perfect results

Microwave ovens are one of the most versatile cooking appliances one can have in the kitchen. Which other cooking device can claim to defrost and cook foods as diverse as blanched spinach and potato chips?

Cook your veggies the quick and healthy way – in the microwave

Microwave ovens are typically seen as a quick and easy solution for reheating food and defrosting frozen ingredients quickly. Did you know that they can also be one of the most useful appliances for cooking fresh vegetables?

10 DIY Valentine’s Day ideas

Commercialisation has become part and parcel of special dates like Christmas and Valentine’s, especially when gift-giving is a tradition.