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Fur-care tips that’ll give your pets a new shine

Washing a pet can be more than just about getting rid of accumulated dirt and smells. What you do and how you do it can be essential to the health of their skin and coat.

The quick guide to better living in 2013

It’s the dawn of the New Year and for many, the start of new resolutions to stick by. Some of the more common ones typically involve ways to be healthier, whether it’s eating less or exercising more. Other staples include being smarter with one’s finances and more environmentally conscious.

Quick tips for surviving multiple holiday party clean-ups

There’s no other period in the year with as many reasons to party. If you’re hosting both Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties this year, the fun can quickly turn into a drag once the wine bottles have been emptied and the crumbs have piled up around the house. Here’s a look at some quick house cleaning tips for surviving multiple parties this festive season.

Banishing pet hair from your house to the doghouse

Pet hair will be a fact of life if you keep a dog or cat in your house. But you don’t have to accept living in the fur they shed. Here are some tips for reducing pet hair in your house, and how to remove them quickly.

Separate the dirt from your carpets with proper vacuuming

Carpeted floors can make living and moving around a house more comfortable, with its soft surface acting as insulation in cold weather, and muffling sounds from constant movement within the home.