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Keeping your home clean – without cleaning

Is your cleaning routine tiring you out? Find out how you can minimise both dirt and the need to clean, by simply observing a few regular habits.

Quick tips for maintaining a white home

There are many design benefits to choosing a white theme for your home. It has a classic, clean timelessness and it’s easy to mix and match white with a wide range of accent colours, fixtures, countertops and flooring.

Clean up your vacuuming for pristine results

Vacuums have made cleaning the home a much more convenient affair. And while they may have replaced the broom in modern households, many homeowners have yet to update their own cleaning techniques when using their vacuums.

Banishing pet hair from your house to the doghouse

Pet hair will be a fact of life if you keep a dog or cat in your house. But you don’t have to accept living in the fur they shed. Here are some tips for reducing pet hair in your house, and how to remove them quickly.

Thoughtful Design: The Vacuum

It’s his job to think of you.

Simon Bradford is Electrolux’s Head of Global Design of Small Appliances at Electrolux, where he oversees the design of small appliances. This includes popular vacuums such as the Ergorapido, UltraSilencer and UltraActive.

Colourful personalities: the meaning behind Ergorapido hues

Colours are one of the most powerful forms of non-verbal communication. From the passion embodied by red to the calm exuded from blue tones, colours both tell us about the world and in turn, tell the world about us.

Ergorapido: a stick vac that hits all the right spots

These are just some of the reasons why the Electrolux Ergorapido stick vacuum cleaner has been such a hit with consumers. It is also a bestseller from a company that is world renowned for its expertise and long standing tradition of producing some of the best vacuum cleaners around.

Mothers: Worth their weight in gold

What is mum worth? After all, they’ve taken care of our every need, be it material or emotional. From food and shelter to love and advice, mothers have proven themselves absolutely priceless to their children.

Celebrate World Asthma Day with a few helpful tips

Asthma is a persistent problem in many societies and its prevalence continues to grow with rapid urbanistion and industrialisation. In central and South Asia alone, more than 50 million people suffer from this ailment. This is according to the Global Burden of Asthma report in 2007. The number is believed to be higher today.