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Choosing the right black dress for New Year’s Eve

There’s no better time to break out the timeless ‘little black dress’ than at a New Year’s Eve party. The right dress can be sexy, elegant or demure. Either way, this is the dress that effortlessly indicates that the night is something special.

Better garment steaming techniques for your fabrics

Whether you’re looking for a better way to keep your clothing in tip-top condition or simply looking for a better alternative to ironing, garment steaming might be for you.

Look your best with the right ironing techniques

The best dress shirts can’t help you make a good impression if they’re poorly ironed and wrinkly. Details matter and it’s important to have well-pressed clothing whether you’re heading to work or for a night out.

Ironing vs steaming – which is better for you

Ironing is an activity  disliked by many. Fortunately, advances in iron technology have made this particular household chore quicker and easier to do over the years. The garment steamer is a more recent invention that are increasingly popular in homes – and as they become more portable – on the road. While a garment steamer […]