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Simple rescues for common laundry disasters

We’ve all done it at some point. Wrecked a perfectly good white shirt with a missed red sock in the wash, or left some tissue in the pocket of a pair of pants. But human ingenuity over the years has come up with some surprisingly simple solutions to unpleasant laundry surprises. Here are a few easy rescues for common laundry disasters.

Sweet and sticky endings to the Lunar New Year

The official public holidays for the Lunar New Year may only be for a few days, the but traditional celebrations will go on for a while yet.

DIY a last minute Valentine’s celebration

Valentine’s Day is coming, and you don’t have a plan in place for that special someone. Fear not, for it doesn’t take much to put together a romantic night at home. And better yet, it doesn’t involve burning a hole in your bank account. Here are some ideas for putting together a last minute Valentine’s Day celebration.

Show your love with these three Asian customs

Love is a beautiful thing no matter where or when it happens, and every country has developed its own traditions to celebrate love over the centuries. The most famous is Valentine’s Day on 14 February, where gifts of flowers, chocolates and stuffed toys are exchanged to express love for one another.

Introduce your baby to the joys of fresh food with homemade purees

Many mothers start to think about weaning babies when they approach the six-month mark. Pureed foods are used at this point to gradually introduce “solid” food into a child’s diet.

Ladle up to good health with Chinese soups

Chicken soup is one of the oldest-known home remedies for colds. And it’s not just an old wives tale. The Chinese have used soups for generations to detoxify, nourish, replenish energy and enhance the immune system. Traditional Chinese soups are usually tonics made from fresh meats, herbs and vegetables, with the flavour coming mostly from the gentle boiling of the ingredients. As oil, cream and butter are never used, these soups are also low in fat and calories.

The art of double-boiling at home

Double-boiling is a cooking technique popular in both hemispheres of the world for different types of food.

Fuss-free ideas for hosting your own Reunion dinner

The Reunion dinner is one of the most important meals in the year for those celebrating the Lunar New Year. It gets its name from the long established practice where all members of a family return home to have dinner together on the eve of the festival.

Tips for giving your reunion dinner a steamy twist

With the Lunar New Year around the corner, it’s time again to get organized for the yearly reunion dinner with the family. And it’s hard to go wrong with a hot pot or steamboat, as it’s called in Singapore and Malaysia.

Three foods to usher in more fortune this Lunar New Year

For those celebrating the Lunar New Year, each meal can be quite the symbolic affair. Much of the foods consumed during this festive period are not just daily staples. They are in fact usually eaten to get the new year off to as good a start as possible.

So it’s probably fortunate that these foods also tend to be delicious. Here are some tasty foods that are said to bring good luck when eaten during the Lunar New Year.