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Beating out ‘batter’ results with an electric mixer

If you’re an avid baker who’s been mixing your dough and batter by hand, a quick and easy way to save both time and effort lies in an electric hand or stand mixer like the Electrolux EHM2000 and EHSM2000.

Common mistakes made with blenders

As a cooking process, blending appears to be one of the easiest to pull off. But tossing all the ingredients in and waiting till the blender is done mixing may not always turn out as expected.

Here are some common mistakes made in blending ingredients and how to remedy them for a smooth, silky puree or deliciously textured smoothie drink.

The quick guide to grilling vegetables indoors

From the time of our earliest ancestors, food that has been over an open fire has always had its allure for many people. Whether it’s the unique smoky flavour or the fun of cooking “back to basics style”, grilling aficionados agree that it’s a delicious way to prepare food, especially vegetables.

Wake up to fresh bread baked your way

The smell of freshly baked bread is possibly one of the most universally beloved aromas no matter where you live. Until the advent of the bread maker however, baking your own loaf tended to involve lots of time and effort spent mixing, kneading and baking the dough.

Gobble up turkey in five different ways

When the first settlers in America roasted turkey in the 17th century, it was a matter of practicality – the bird was native to the country and came in plentiful supply. Fortunately (or unfortunately if you were the turkey), they were also delicious, which meant that a few hundred years later, people around the world are still roasting and savouring its meaty pleasures.