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Healthy and delicious snacks for any road trip.

Taking your family on a road trip this June? Packing some snacks for the kids during long drives is essential for a smooth journey. There’s no need to stock up on potato chips and soda however. There are plenty of healthy and equally tasty options you can pack from home with just a little preparation. […]

Real food meals for a camping trip

Camping can be a fun family activity for the weekend, or even serve as a short getaway from civilization. There’s no need to load up on just beans and sausages however. With a bit of preparation at home, you can still eat well while staying in touch with nature.

Tips to quickly improve your cooking skills

Cooking is seen as a skill improved through years of experience, with techniques and recipes passed down from parent to child. Becoming a master chef is a lifelong journey, as the recent Electrolux Asian Food Survey 2014 has shown. The survey, conducted in 10 countries in the Asia-Pacific, with over 5,000 participants taking part, showed that over 73% of adults in all countries aspired to continue improve their cooking skills.

Foods that help with blood sugar management

Balancing our glucose or sugar levels is a critical factor in maintaining our health and preventing heart disease. High blood sugar levels are caused by overconsumption of rich, sugary and fatty foods, and can lead to diabetes and damage to the heart in the long term. Fortunately, eating to regulate your blood sugar comes with a host of other benefits, such as weight loss and higher, more consistent energy levels.

Pairing the right liquors to enhance your food

A good host knows picking the right drinks to go with dinner can enhance the dining experience for guests. The wrong drinks, on the other hand, can ruin the entire meal by clashing with the palate, overwhelming or changing the taste of otherwise delicious food.

Homemade sauces that go perfectly with any roast

A tender, juicy roast deserves to be accompanied by more than just ready-made mustard or ketchup.

Cheese, whiskey’s new best friend

Whiskey is a drink best sipped socially, with friends or as a celebratory drink on important occasions. It can also be a great drink to pair with cheese if you want to have an inspired, indulgent finale to a meal.

Vegetable-based cakes to indulge a sweet tooth

The next time you’re looking for a cake with a difference, look no further than your garden’s greens. Vegetables can add a natural sweetness and texture to cakes, while adding a good dose of fibre to your diet. Such cakes can also be a great way to get kids eating their greens, and enjoying them.

The quick guide to shrub cocktails

If you’re looking for a cocktail with a difference to serve your guests, consider taking out that bottle of vinegar from your kitchen.

Pairing beers to enhance desserts

The next time you’re handed the drinks list with your dessert menu, don’t skip over the beer section.