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Then and now – the world in 1912 and 2012

It’s been a roller coaster of a century. Between 1912 and 2012, man saw unprecedented technological advancements, two world wars and a world economy that experienced incredible heights and equally crippling crises at a breathtaking pace. Here are some notable milestones that will amaze, awe or perhaps shock even you.

The past, present and future in kitchen design

It’s the steel and glass heart of every home, the place where your family creates meals, shares life experiences and socialises with both relatives and friends. Like its users, the kitchen has undergone many evolutions in its history, to the relief of time-strapped homemakers everywhere. It may sound charming today, but starting a wood fire and spending the next three hours cooking dinner from scratch on a daily basis is something best left to history.

The Electrolux Story Part Two

The second half of our journey starts with 1965 – a very significant year as the Group’s turnover then crossed the billion kronor mark.

The Electrolux Story

Electrolux, a well-known Swedish appliance company, whose name is firmly entrenched in many consumers’ minds, was founded by Swedish entrepreneur, Axel Wenner-Gren. The company was first built on a consumer insight – the realisation that ordinary people needed help with cleaning their houses.