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The brains behind Iggy’s – Ignatius Chan and Janice Wong

When it comes to running restaurants, can anyone do it better than Ignatius Chan (Iggy as he’s more affectionately known) and Janice Wong? Iggy’s – the chefs-d’oeuvre of the talented couple, is after all, no ordinary restaurant.

Chef spotlight: An exclusive tête-à-tête with Andres Lara, dessert chef of acclaimed Iggy’s restaurant (Singapore)

Voted 27th in the world’s best restaurants by San Pellegrino and equipped with high-performance Electrolux Professional appliances, Iggy’s is undisputedly one of the best restaurants you can find on the sunny island of Singapore. We caught up recently with their affable dessert chef, Andres Lara.

Electrolux & Iggy’s – master appliances for master chefs

It’s not easy cooking in a professional kitchen, even more so if that kitchen belongs to a multiple award winning restaurant like Iggy’s. To handle numerous covers daily at speed, with quality, requires an efficient, high performing kitchen – one that Electrolux is proud to be part of.