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Light up your taste buds with these super spicy foods

Forget the nuanced or subtle flavours of delicate dishes. For some people, nothing less than gut-wrenching, mouth-on-fire experience will do when the craving for capsaicin strikes. Here are five dishes from Asia that will leave most people with tear-streaked faces and numb tongues.

Go on a culinary tour with these Lunar New Year eats

The year of the snake falls on 10 February, and brings with it a host of customary celebrations and festivities. The Lunar New Year is one of the most important dates in many Asian countries, with many families attaching similar importance and traditions to the occasion. These countries include China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore and Vietnam, where the first day of the Lunar New Year is a public holiday.

How to cook to impress

According to the recent food survey by Electrolux, the ability to whip up a meal at home is a much sought after trait when looking for love here in Asia. So what are the main things to remember in the kitchen when you’re trying to impress that special someone?

Here are some cool ideas to treat yourself this Labour Day!

You’ve worked hard all year round. It’s time to treat yourself this Labour Day. Choose an Electrolux appliance that will help lessen your load each day so you can kick back and relax with family and friends.

Electrolux Singapore’s first Concept Store opens at IMM

Electrolux played host to members of the media at the opening of its first Concept Store. Located at IMM, a popular shopping destination in western Singapore, the store features the latest innovations and designs in home appliances from Electrolux.

Thailand says “Sawatdee Khrab!” to the Electrolux Keyhole hob

The Electrolux keyhole hob has landed in Thailand! A host of exciting activities were planned to celebrate the launch of the new product. One of the highlights was an in-store cooking demonstration at Boonthavorn (BTV) and Homepro stores. Customers were invited to take part and received special gifts for their efforts. Several celebrities also joined in the festivities with some taking turns to demonstrate how easy it is to whip up tasty dishes with the keyhole hob.