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Appliance ideas that let you cook on the go!

Like telecommunications devices and electronics, it appears the future of kitchen appliances could very well be mobile. From electric freestanding cookers to portable induction cookers, appliances are being designed for versatility in modern apartments and homes.

All part of the design – choosing appliances that look good in your kitchen

Designing and remodelling a kitchen involves more than just picking the right appliances. The placement of working spaces, cabinets and appliances will affect how you cook too. Take the classic Kitchen Work Triangle, which places the refrigerator, sink and stove in a triangle that makes the preparation of food more efficient and ergonomic.

The past, present and future in kitchen design

It’s the steel and glass heart of every home, the place where your family creates meals, shares life experiences and socialises with both relatives and friends. Like its users, the kitchen has undergone many evolutions in its history, to the relief of time-strapped homemakers everywhere. It may sound charming today, but starting a wood fire and spending the next three hours cooking dinner from scratch on a daily basis is something best left to history.

Gobble up turkey in five different ways

When the first settlers in America roasted turkey in the 17th century, it was a matter of practicality – the bird was native to the country and came in plentiful supply. Fortunately (or unfortunately if you were the turkey), they were also delicious, which meant that a few hundred years later, people around the world are still roasting and savouring its meaty pleasures.

Whip up meals that are good for your family and the environment

Just because inflation seems to be turning up the heat on our utility bills doesn’t mean we can’t still do the same on our cooking hobs. Given their regular daily use, the heat generation and air circulation required to do their jobs, cooking hobs and hoods can play a part on the outcome of our energy bills.

Put the chill on your fridge’s power use and keep it humming longer

It runs 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, keeping our food chilled and fresh as long as it can. Little wonder then that fridges are, quite literally, power users.

Bake more for less with better oven use

Ovens are a healthy and fuss-free way to get quite a bit of cooking done when friends and family come around. All that’s required is some simple planning and ‘multi-tasking’ cooking to achieve great meals and savings on your utility bill.

Getting your kids started in the kitchen

7 October marks Children’s Day in Singapore and is a day to celebrate the joys of childhood and promote the welfare of children around the world. So while your young ones are enjoying a day off from school with you, why not show them the basics of using a few kitchen appliances and get them to help create their favourite meals and snacks?

Festive snacks for Hari Raya Puasa with small appliances

30th of August will mark the festival of Eid, known in Singapore and Malaysia as Hari Raya Puasa and Hari Raya Idul Fitri in Indonesia. Hari Raya literally means “the day of celebration” and is one of the most important Muslim festivals in the calendar, marking the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting.

Myths debunked: Five things you should know about your microwave

Despite having been in homes for over 50 years, the microwave is still considered the black sheep of many kitchens. No matter how shiny the surface or how nifty the features are, the myths surrounding this household appliance continue to be spread with little understanding of the facts.