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The quick guide to a clutter-free kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where friends and family can come together for meals and social interactions. But with greater interactions in the kitchen, there is a tendency for things to start accumulating in the space as well. Here are some decluttering tips to help you get your kitchen back!

Choosing a timeless colour scheme for the kitchen

With the array of colours available on materials today, trying to decide on a colour scheme for your kitchen design can be quite a challenge.

Combining contrasts – Lyndon Craig’s perspective on the future of home appliances at EuroCucina 2012

The latest kitchen devices showcased at the EuroCucina 2012 indicate that seemingly contrasting design goals can be combined through innovation. Appliances of the future will enhance our experiences through digital technology while becoming more environmentally friendly. Their design will range from ultra-minimalist to extreme decoration. Electrolux’s Senior Design Manager Lyndon Craig shares his observations and insights.

Choose the right freestanding cooker for your home

If you like appliances that can do it all, consider a freestanding cooker for your kitchen. These versatile cookers are characterised by a combination of a cooktop and oven in a unit that can be moved anywhere in your house, as it does not require mounting to a wall.

Cook with a hood for an odour-free kitchen

The smell of cooking is always mouth-watering when a delicious meal is being prepared. It’s much less so when it’s been days after the food has been eaten. Whether you use a built-in stove or a freestanding cooker, your kitchen – and family – will benefit from having a cooking hood installed over your cooking range.

Food facts: Traditional Lunar New Year dishes explained

Have you ever wondered how that delicious plate of Yusheng or tasty Bánh chưng and Bánh tét you just bit on came about? Just as the Lunar New Year practices of each country are steeped in tradition, folklore and history, so are the traditional foods served each New Year.

What’s the Secret to a Sleek Designer Kitchen?

After 12 years of living in Singapore, Electrolux’s Design Director, Asia Pacific, Pernilla Johansson has decided to sink in roots. Admitting that it is an exciting process for her to finally be able to realise her dream of a home that is truly hers, she shared with us her plans on making that dream into a reality.