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Laundering tips for common clothing fabrics

We all know to sort our whites from coloured clothes before throwing them into the wash. But keeping the different fabrics that make up your wardrobe in tip-top condition may need a bit more care. After all, cotton and silk are made from different materials and should be handled differently. Here are some laundering tips for five common clothing fabrics:

Make your clothes shine in time for Hari Raya Haji

Hari Raya Haji or Eid al-Adha, is the festival of Sacrifice and an important religious holiday for Muslims. The day falls on the 10th day of the 12th month in the Islamic calendar. This year, it is held on 6 November.

Achieve greater savings with some handy washing and drying tips

These days, the trend of rising utility bills is becoming all too common. But even if the price of oil seems to be taking an express elevator, it doesn’t mean your bills have to. Here are some some tips from Electrolux’s laundry experts on getting a more efficient wash:

Laundry dryer myths debunked

Always wanted a laundry dryer but afraid of the myths you’ve heard? Let’s look at the four common myths of using a laundry dryer and find out if they’re really true.

Wet, wet, wet

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to combine the gentleness of hand washing with the impressive efficiency of professional cleaning?