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The newbie’s guide to Lunar New Year

Out goes the Rabbit, in comes the Dragon. On 23 January, many people around the world will be celebrating the year of the Dragon at the start of the Lunar New Year (LNY).

Food facts: Traditional Lunar New Year dishes explained

Have you ever wondered how that delicious plate of Yusheng or tasty Bánh chưng and Bánh tét you just bit on came about? Just as the Lunar New Year practices of each country are steeped in tradition, folklore and history, so are the traditional foods served each New Year.

Life’s a Peach this Lunar New Year!

Every Lunar New Year, most households serve the same selection of New Year goodies to entertain friends and family. This year, let Electrolux and renowned food writer and consultant, Christopher Tan, guide you on how you can be different. Impress your friends and family and start off a peachy New Year by learning how to make these delectable Golden Peach Cookies.

An effortless way to perfect the Lunar New Year reunion dinner

Time for some steamboat trivia! Did you know that steamboat dining originated from the Northern nomadic Mongolian tribes? Back then, warriors used their helmets as the cooking pot and steamed their meats and vegetables in them.