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Making brittle with a difference

Brittle goes beyond the tooth-coating peanut kind. At its heart, it is seeds or nuts mixed into melted sugar. But all you need is a bit of imagination to whip up a whole host of other tasty possibilities.

Sustainability – the next big fashion trend

One industry spearheading the sustainability movement may come as a surprise: The fashion industry. Many of today’s hottest designers who are well aware of the need for plentiful materials are creating entire collections around the notion of sustainability — but the term isn’t easy to define. Sustainable fashion does have a few major features though.

Getting fresh with herbs using container gardening

With ever-increasing city populations, the Grow Your Own Food movement is gaining in popularity as a way to get organically-grown produce quite literally on your doorstep. This has brought more attention to ‘container gardening’ as a way to grow fresh herbs and vegetables in an urban apartment.

The healthy eating guide for you and the planet

The emission of greenhouse gases is probably the last thing on our minds when we eat our meals. Unfortunately, as with everything we consume, the production of food does contribute towards our carbon footprint and has an impact on the earth. While we can’t stop eating, we can choose to do so in more eco-friendly ways.