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Keeping your home clean – without cleaning

Is your cleaning routine tiring you out? Find out how you can minimise both dirt and the need to clean, by simply observing a few regular habits.

The guide to better cooking with olive oils

Despite being commonly found on dinner tables and in pantries around the world, olive oil is a nuanced and often-misunderstood ingredient. There are always questions when it comes to cooking with olive oil. When should you use extra virgin, and when should you use just olive oil? What’s the difference?

Adding a touch of class to common comfort foods

The old favourites we turn to when we need some culinary comfort aren’t usually the most refined. But it’s easy to class them up with some fancier ingredients for a dinner party or special occasion while keeping them deliciously familiar.

Good pho meals: the secret to great Vietnamese-style noodles.

Vietnam’s national dish, pho, is an international favourite. Giving these noodles in broth an authentic flavour can be a bit of an art. But you don’t have to move to Vietnam to figure out how.

DIY your own upscale pizzas

Bring the pizza parlour home with homemade dough and a variety of luxury toppings. If you have an outdoor grill, you can even finish off the made-to-order pizzas on the grill for that fire-charred flavour.

Duck breast – the new red meat

Duck breast is a carnivore’s dream – Its red flesh could easily be mistaken for beef, and its thick layer of external fat can be rendered to a delicious crisp layer.

Omakase tips for home chefs

Omakase is a Japanese phrase meaning “I’ll leave it to you”. This leaves the meal selection to the chefand chefs are expected to be innovative and surprising. If you’re having a small but intimate dinner gathering, hosting an omakase-style dinner at home may be a good way to combine dinner with entertainment.

Achieving macaroon mecca with a few handy tips

French macaroons are a delight to the senses. Beautiful to behold, with bright enticing colours and delicate flavours like violet and pistachio.

The beginner’s guide to fine caviar

They may be “just” salted fish eggs, but caviar is a food that’s synonymous with luxury. While we can find certain varieties for a few dollars at the supermarket, true gourmet caviar can cost between US$2,000 to US$34,500 for one kilogram.

Easy cooking – with the refrigerator

Whether you’re seeking relief from a hot day, or just trying to offset a spicy dish on the table, cold dishes can help beat the heat. Many are easy to prepare, and you don’t need elaborate appliances to do so.