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Chemical-free techniques to make your cookware non-stick

Many of us love the convenience of non-stick pots and pans, which save us the inconvenience of scrubbing off stuck or burnt bits of food. But most non-stick cookware sold commercially tend to use chemical coatings like Teflon to prevent food sticking to surfaces. Here are some handy suggestions to make your very own non-stick pan.

Whip up tastier meals with these homemade spice blends

Planning to fill up your spice rack with some blends? Don’t run down to the supermarket just yet. Spice mixes can be easily made at home with a spice grinder, and you can customise the quantity of spices you need. If you don’t have a specialised spice grinder, blenders like the Electrolux EBR2601 can double up as one with its detachable mill grinder accessory, which is designed to grind dry foods just as well as a specialised appliance.

Sear steaks like a pro from the comfort of your home

Ever wondered why your steak never seems to have the flavour and texture that proper steakhouses have? The secret to success lies simply in searing the meat first before actually cooking it.

The quick guide to grilling vegetables indoors

From the time of our earliest ancestors, food that has been over an open fire has always had its allure for many people. Whether it’s the unique smoky flavour or the fun of cooking “back to basics style”, grilling aficionados agree that it’s a delicious way to prepare food, especially vegetables.