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Pre-heat Christmas cheer with oven-baked ornaments

If you’re looking to avoid adding ornaments to an already long shopping list, or are in the market for customised ones that will give your home an extra personal touch, look no further than your kitchen for inspiration. Plus, it’s so simple that even your kids can get involved, making it a fun time for all.

Transform your kitchen space with multifunctional design

These days, kitchens serve more than just one purpose. Perhaps it’s the comfort of having mum cooking a delicious, aromatic meal in the background; or the process of cooking bringing people together, whatever the reason; many households today eat, socialise and even work in the same kitchen space.

Plan ahead and have more fun at your Christmas shindig

Whether you’re used to preparing large family dinners or cooking for a group of friends, hosting and cooking a Christmas dinner can still be an intimidating prospect for most. From the sheer amount of roasting needed for your various meat dishes to the different side dishes and sauces that accompany them, trying to pull off this meal without a hitch can be a complex task.

Simple substitutions for delicious Christmas snacks

It’s December and school’s out for the holidays. The kids are home and looking forward to their favourite festive treats. While many Christmas goodies tend to be loaded with sugar or salt, healthier options are easy to whip up at home and can be just as tasty! Here are some simple and nutritious substitutions for your children’s snacks this holiday season.

Low-fat ideas for equally delicious Diwali snacks

Lamps will be lit and kitchens fired up at Diwali, or Deepavali celebrations on 13 November. The festival of lights celebrates the victory of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance, and is one of the most important festivals in Hinduism.

Sear steaks like a pro from the comfort of your home

Ever wondered why your steak never seems to have the flavour and texture that proper steakhouses have? The secret to success lies simply in searing the meat first before actually cooking it.

Ideas that help make dinners in 30 minutes

Between family, work and household chores, one might wonder where we’re supposed to find the time to cook full meals from scratch.

The quick guide to popular Food Movements

You might have come across these labels on food packaging in the supermarket: Organic, fair trade, free range, artisanal. And the list only seems to continue to grow.

Tasting the difference with professional kitchen appliances

Trying to replicate a favourite dish from a restaurant in your home kitchen can be difficult, to say the least. The crispy duck confit, the perfectly seared steak and that pillowy ravioli just seem to elude you when recreating them at home.

Bake more for less with better oven use

Ovens are a healthy and fuss-free way to get quite a bit of cooking done when friends and family come around. All that’s required is some simple planning and ‘multi-tasking’ cooking to achieve great meals and savings on your utility bill.