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Throwing a Chinese New Year party for the first-timer

Even if you’ve never celebrated Chinese New Year, there’s no reason you can’t get into the festivities during the season. So why not throw a Chinese New Year shindig or dinner party?

Deck the halls with a last minute Christmas shindig

It’s Christmas week and you’re feeling spontaneous. Or perhaps that might be an euphemism for “I forgot I’m hosting the party this year”. Fret not, a Christmas gathering doesn’t always need to entail weeks of planning or hours spent roasting fowl or putting up elaborate decorations. With the help of modern technology and some imagination, throwing together a last minute Christmas bash can be easier than you think.

Cook up a storm at your next dinner party

Whether it’s your turn to host that family gathering or throw a dinner party for 10 friends in your new home, preparing a meal for a large group can seem overwhelming especially in home kitchens that are usually outfitted to cook for just a nuclear family.