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Eating spicy foods without the burn

While there are many health – and flavour – benefits to eating chili, the experience can be painful for those with low tolerance for capsaicin. The latter is the compound in chilies and peppers that creates the burning sensation on tongues and in your tummy. But there are ways to enjoy your chili-based dishes without fear of being overwhelmed by excess capsaicin.

Tips for quick and easy Christmas meals

Christmas dinners don’t always have to be about big hunks of meat with elaborate side dishes. Sometimes simple works best. After all, the season is really about family and friends. Whether you’re looking for easy recipes that you can pull off, or you’re just throwing together a small last-minute dinner gathering, here are some easy ideas for whipping up a Christmas meal on the fly.

Handy feasting tips for a fun and healthy holiday season

It’s December, which means two of the year’s most celebrated occasions – Christmas and New Year’s Eve – are just around the corner. And with festivities come food, lots of it. Candy canes, turkey, cakes and puddings are just some of the traditional fare consumed during this period. And we all know how hard it is to resist these delicious treats.

Blenders vs Food Processors – when do we use them?

To most home cooks, a blender and food processor may not appear too different. Both seem to exist to simply chop, grind or puree ingredients into bits for our dining pleasure.

Common mistakes made with blenders

As a cooking process, blending appears to be one of the easiest to pull off. But tossing all the ingredients in and waiting till the blender is done mixing may not always turn out as expected.

Here are some common mistakes made in blending ingredients and how to remedy them for a smooth, silky puree or deliciously textured smoothie drink.