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Depressurising the art of pressure cooking

Pressure cooking can be a hard thing to get right for the beginner. Tough, stringy meat, scorched pots and unevenly cooked stews are just some of the unsavoury outcomes of improper cooking with the appliance.

Many of them can be easily corrected with a few adjustments to the cooking technique. We look at some of the most common mistakes beginner chefs make with the pressure cooker.

Quick tips for faster meals with pressure cookers

One of the handiest tools you can have in the kitchen, a pressure cooker is a great appliance for cooking quick, nutritious meals. Pressure cooking helps to preserve vitamins and nutrients in food by using less liquid as well as a shorter cooking process. It is also virtually fat-free, as the food is cooked by steam that builds up in the pot, allowing even the cheapest cuts of meat to come out juicy and tender.