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Time saving appliances for the busy professional

So you’re a successful professional with an apartment, but who has time to do housework? With these Electrolux appliances, you might find fitting chores into your busy schedule easier than ever.

Clean up for wealth and health this Deepavali

The triumph of good over evil for Hindus takes place on 26 October this year. Deepavali or Diwali, is a popular Hindi festival and an occasion for celebration by Jains and Sikhs.

Get the right ‘big’ appliances for a big home

For those whose headcount at home includes grandparents and more than three kids, higher capacity appliances with more time efficient features may be required.

On top or up front? Choose the right washer for you

When choosing a washing machine, the distinction between a top or front loading washer can seem like a mere stylistic preference. However, both types of washers bring distinct benefits to your laundry, and the choice can affect everything from the efficiency of your washing machine to the lifespan of your clothes.

Get more out of life with the UltraActive Vac

A fact of high density living is that homes are getting smaller, with less storage space for household appliances. And yet, with the modern family’s lifestyle, more has to be accomplished in less time, with smaller and more efficient home appliance solutions that help make the home clean and inviting.

Wash away the dishwasher myths

If you’ve ever thought about getting a dishwasher, but were deterred by the idea that they’re energy guzzlers, require more detergent or that opening the door could cause a mini-tsunami on your kitchen floor, it’s time to think again.

Combining hob and hood in your kitchen for optimal cooking

Cooking hobs and hoods are arguably the most important features in a kitchen. They are among the most-used appliances and can make or break your cooking experience. Before, during and after.

Quietly superior vacuuming in just one package

Urban living in a hot and humid climate requires more attention to cleaning due to the constant dust build up. The humidity encourages dust mites, mould and bacteria if dirt is allowed to accumulate. Yet for many, cleaning is a chore best left to another day.

Spread the festive cheer to your loved ones with Electrolux!

The festive season is upon us once again, and like everyone else, you must be cracking your heads to decide what to give your loved ones and friends. To help you along, we’ve shortlisted a couple of thoughtful gift ideas that will surely bring smiles to their faces!

Wave goodbye to spillage and heavy debris – the advantages of wet and dry vac’s

The vacuum cleaner or vac has been with us for over 100 years. It has become an indispensable tool in virtually every household, eliminating the need to engage in backbreaking, dust-flying waltz with the broom and dustpan.