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Enhance the longevity of your groceries with proper refrigeration

With modern lifestyles becoming ever busier, daily visits to the market have been replaced by weekly visits to the supermarket. Yet maintaining a healthy diet entails cooking and eating as much fresh food as possible.

Pairing it right with every meal

Those who enjoy brewed hops more than the pleasures of the vine might consider a new pairing of alcoholic beverages with their meals. After all, given the different flavours that can be found in the myriad varieties of craft beer out there, finding the right brew to go with your food might be much easier than having to choose the right wine.

Is your fridge doing its job? Conduct a fridge audit today.

Do you have a fridge that’s overworked? How can you check if it’s working as it should be? Just as you would spring clean your home or send your car for servicing regularly, it’s also important to do regular audits for your refrigerator.

Choosing your first fridge

Among the many home appliances, none is more frequently used than the refrigerator. Whether it’s whipping up a feast for the family dinner, preparing a simple snack or just grabbing a glass of water, most of your time in the kitchen could be spent rummaging through the refrigerator. Therefore, you should take note of several important considerations before purchasing your very first fridge.