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Chill right for better food safety

Food safety doesn’t begin or end with the preparation process. Storage before and after a meal plays an equally important part in keeping food clean and safe for human consumption. Modern refrigerators designed with multiple compartments for different foods like the Electrolux EQE6307SA and ESE5687SB are especially suited to keeping ingredients fresh and reducing the risk of contamination. We look at how you can utilise various storage features for better food safety.

Light up your taste buds with these super spicy foods

Forget the nuanced or subtle flavours of delicate dishes. For some people, nothing less than gut-wrenching, mouth-on-fire experience will do when the craving for capsaicin strikes. Here are five dishes from Asia that will leave most people with tear-streaked faces and numb tongues.

Fresh vs. frozen – does it matter?

Current cooking trends extol the virtues of fresh, organic ingredients over their frozen and canned counterparts. But do fresh veggies really have the upper hand in healthy eating?

Preserve the holiday flavour in your leftovers with these tips

Christmas is a big holiday, and nowhere is this more apparent in the size and array of the food items associated with it. Turkey, ham and their accompaniments do not come in mini-portions, and now that your friends and family are stuffed to the gills, there’s still a ton of food left on the table.

Plan ahead and have more fun at your Christmas shindig

Whether you’re used to preparing large family dinners or cooking for a group of friends, hosting and cooking a Christmas dinner can still be an intimidating prospect for most. From the sheer amount of roasting needed for your various meat dishes to the different side dishes and sauces that accompany them, trying to pull off this meal without a hitch can be a complex task.

Hit the right spot in your fridge for better vegetables

When you get home from the market, don’t just adjust the thermostat on your crisper compartment and toss in the vegetables. There’s an art to keeping different veggies fresh, and that could make a difference in the flavour, nutrients and lifespan of your produce.

Tips on designing your kitchen for maximum enjoyment

These days, the experience of cooking can be as enjoyable as the meal itself, or even more so. As a result, kitchen design has taken on a larger role in how we experience the preparation of meals. A good layout ensures convenience, accessibility and less cleaning post-meal. Here are five tips to ensure your kitchen is designed for maximum comfort and efficiency:

Storing 5 popular Asian condiments for better flavour and longevity

Asian cooking uses a myriad of sauces and pastes which give the region’s cuisines their unique flavours. For the cosmopolitan chef, it’s likely that a variety of condiments have a place in their pantry or refrigerator.

Store the flavour of your cheeses with proper refrigeration

Most cheese lovers preoccupy themselves with choosing the right cheese at the shop. But to enjoy the flavour you’ve picked at leisure in your home requires extra care.

Electrolux fridge design: Innovation over the years

Since 100 BC, when the Chinese discovered the use of ice in refrigeration, preserving food and making ice were the sole province of the wealthy and powerful. Only those who could afford cellars and icehouses would be able to enjoy chilled dishes and cold relief on hot summer days.