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Choosing the right black dress for New Year’s Eve

There’s no better time to break out the timeless ‘little black dress’ than at a New Year’s Eve party. The right dress can be sexy, elegant or demure. Either way, this is the dress that effortlessly indicates that the night is something special.

Think outside the can with these cranberry ideas

Cranberries are a common sight on Christmas dinner tables, but they don’t always have to come in the form of a sauce. If you’re looking for new ways to use cranberries, here are some creative ideas for everything from snacks to dinner time.

Easy Christmas recipes for your oven

Hosting Christmas dinner for the whole family? You’ll probably want to look into having oven-baked dishes. Not only can large ovens like the 75L Electrolux Inspiration oven cook several batches of food at once for large parties, it even comes equipped with built-in food probes that let you know when a roast joint is cooked to perfection.

The 101 on Rosé wines

It’s hard to miss a Rosé wine. This refreshing pink wine is a summer favourite with its fruity flavours, ranging from strawberry to cherry and raspberry. It can be still, semi-sparkling or a full sparkling wine.

Creating delicious compound butters to enhance your meals

Creating compound butters is an easy way to add a new flavour sensation to your meals. It is simply butter with herbs, spices or other ingredients mixed into it. Just bring the amount of butter you wish to use to room temperature and mix minced ingredients into them. Stand mixers like the Electrolux EHSM2000 have a powerful 300W motor that makes the mixing process for the butter effortless. All you need to decide on is what to put in.

Better garment steaming techniques for your fabrics

Whether you’re looking for a better way to keep your clothing in tip-top condition or simply looking for a better alternative to ironing, garment steaming might be for you.

Popular DIY dishes for parties

Dinner parties don’t have to be stuffy sit down affairs. Why not get your guests involved and give your party a fun feel with a DIY theme? Not only will it be a great ice breaker, they may even find customising their own meals enjoyable..

Going beyond oregano and basil in cooking

The right herbs can turn an ordinary meal into a culinary experience. While most of us would already be familiar with home-grown favourites like dill, sweet basil and rosemary, the following herbs have something special: a bit of extra, unexpected flavour that comes straight from Mother Nature to add a bit more depth to your cooking.

Look your best with the right ironing techniques

The best dress shirts can’t help you make a good impression if they’re poorly ironed and wrinkly. Details matter and it’s important to have well-pressed clothing whether you’re heading to work or for a night out.

Quick tips for maintaining a white home

There are many design benefits to choosing a white theme for your home. It has a classic, clean timelessness and it’s easy to mix and match white with a wide range of accent colours, fixtures, countertops and flooring.