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The 101 on Nonya cooking

Sometime in the 15th century, Chinese migrants settled in British Malaya (or Malaysia and Singapore today) and Indonesia. Their descendants through marriage with local Malays became known as Peranakans.

A brief history of fabrics

Your clothing is part of your identity, part of what makes us human. Historically, it provided protection from the elements that allowed us to migrate to and flourish in unfriendly climates. At the same time, it also reflected and shaped human culture through fashion. Here are some popular fashion fabrics that have withstood the test of time.

Cooking different rice varieties in the common rice cooker

Just add water and boil – to many, rice is the simplest thing to cook on a daily basis. However, if you want to get the most out of this staple, it’s best to know the optimal cooking methods for each variety.

The quick guide to superfoods for your lifestyle

There are foods, and there are superfoods. Superfoods get their name from being especially high in nutrients, and have been found to contain profound healing and dietary benefits. They have also been referred to as nature’s medicine.

A quick look at retaining the benefits of a fast

Fasting is said to possibly have health benefits, including detoxification and weight loss. It is also done for religious reasons, such as during the month of Ramadan, which ends on Hari Raya Puasa this year.

The quick guide to throwing a World Cup Finals party at home

No matter who gets into the World Cup Finals this weekend, soccer fans are sure to tune in. And there’s no better way to cheer on a favourite team than with a party of friends. Here are some easy tips to throw a simple screening party for your best mates.

Setting up home bars fit for mixologists

For those who love entertaining at home, consider setting up a home bar for your chill-out sessions. All you need is to stock up on the right items and equipment to make any party a success.

Asian design concepts that redefine home living

The votes have been cast, and 35 concepts from some the best young designers around the world have made it to stage 3 of the Electrolux Design Lab (EDL) 2014 competition.

The annual competition, which features “Creating Healthy Homes” as this year’s theme, drew close to 1,700 entries from 43 countries. The theme, which emphasizes sustainability and health in home living, has three focus areas for participants; Culinary Enjoyment, Fabric Care and Air Purifying.

A knotty problem – preventing and relieving muscle knots

Many people will experience muscle knots at some point in their life. These are points within a muscle where the contracted fibres are unable to be released or relaxed. The effects of muscle knots can range from temporary discomfort to persistent and severe pain in the worst cases. Left untreated for long enough, they can affect the way we move, stand, sit, how we carry ourselves and our overall strength.

Gender neutral décor for the family home

Decorating your first home as a couple or as a family? The wrong combination of covers, patterns and prints can leave shared rooms looking like a bachelor’s or bachelorette’s living pad rather than that of a happily married couple. Watching a few details can help to create a gender neutral abode for your lives together.