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Electrolux Philippines’ shirt story contest invites creative blogging for a good cause

Our shirts go everywhere with us. Whether it’s an oversized shirt for comfort at home, a button-up shirt at work or a casual T-shirt while hanging with friends, most of us spend a lot of our time in one.

Bloggers usher in the Doom of the Broom

They have served humanity well for centuries, but all good things must come to an end. Not to mention make way for a better, brighter and more efficient next generation. The humble broom met its doom in 10 winning bloggers’ homes at the conclusion of Electrolux’s Doom of the Broom blogging contest in May. Open […]

Wok-a-Holic Fiesta tosses up winning recipes

One doesn’t have to be a professional chef to be a master in the kitchen. Especially not when it’s an Electrolux kitchen.

Spot, snap and win with the Electrolux Spa van

Time to relax and unwind as the Electrolux Spa experience rolls into a venue near you. This special spa on wheels has been providing much welcome relief to many shoppers in the Philippines since the Holy Week holidays in April and is making its rounds till the end of this month.

The Battle of the Bloggers is now on in the “Doom of The Broom” Contest

The stage was set on 1 April as the Philippines kicked-off its first ever battle of the bloggers. A group of bloggers were invited to showcase their creative prowess, and they rose to the challenge. Their task was to blog about ending decades of misery trying to sweep their homes clean.

Toasting to ‘Halsa’ in the Philippines!

On 1 March, Electrolux in the Philippines celebrated the launch of exciting new additions to their air conditioning line. The launch, which was held at the Sofitel Plaza Hotel in Manila, saw a great turnout by both trade and media partners eager to find out more about how Electrolux could bring the Swedes’ unique brand of wellness or hälsa into their lives.

A seat at the chef’s table with Bruce Lim

Chef Bruce Lim, the recent judge of Electrolux’s Wok-a-Holic Kitchen Masters Cook-Off in the Philippines, is a busy man. Having to host the Asian Food Channel’s ‘Tablescapes: Life on a Plate’ while running one of the top restaurants in the Philippines and setting up another is no easy feat.