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Quick, easy and delicious Mother’s Day desserts

Make Mother’s Day special by appealing to her sweet tooth and whip up some home-made treats for her.  Here are three easy dessert recipes that can be prepared by or with the help of kids of all ages.   Lemon ice There are few recipes simpler than a refreshing Lemon Ice freeze.  Just mix 3 […]

The ABCs of vacuuming for kids

Cleaning may not be every child’s favourite pastime, but it can be a great way to spend time together as a family.  With the right tools and under careful supervision, they may even find the experience fun and rewarding.  For younger children, start them off with simple and easy tasks like picking up items and […]

Banishing common stains from your kitchen

The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but frequent use of the area equates to lots of cleaning. Not all stains have to be battled with copious amounts of cleaning agents and scrubbing however, just match the right cleaner to the stain and enjoy a spic and span kitchen in no time.   […]

Get more out of your microwave with these tips

There are few kitchen appliances more maligned than the microwave, which can be so much more than a mere heater for leftovers and for popping popcorn. It can fry, dry, blanch and even steam dishes in just minutes. The Electrolux EMS3067X convection microwave oven comes with a rotary dial control that allows you to easily […]

Removing common stains from children’s uniforms

Every child will inevitably return home from school with stains on their clothes from time to time.  Knowing how to remove these stains can keep their uniforms or clothes looking pristine, and save you money in the long run. Investing in a good washing machine is the first step.  The Electrolux Time Manager range with […]

Real food meals for a camping trip

Camping can be a fun family activity for the weekend, or even serve as a short getaway from civilization. There’s no need to load up on just beans and sausages however. With a bit of preparation at home, you can still eat well while staying in touch with nature.

A primer to the Tiny House movement

In an age of consumption and ever-increasing house prices, a new social movement for freer, simpler living has emerged. Singles and new families are moving into houses the size of a typical studio apartment, but one fully customised to their needs. Welcome to the Tiny House movement, where thousands of people are discovering the financial, environmental and social benefits of downsizing their living environment.

Putting together the ultimate Easter egg decorating party

Celebrate Easter with some fun for everyone. An Easter egg decorating party can make for a fun and memorable gathering that kids and adults alike can enjoy. The eggs can even be used later for an Easter Egg Hunt activity. And it’s all surprisingly easy to put together.

Making your kitchen appliances sparkle with the right techniques

Small kitchen appliances are a life-saving boon to the busy homemaker, saving us time and effort in preparing food and cooking. With many moving parts, as well as nooks and crannies for bits of food to get stuck, ensuring that they are properly cleaned can save you both time and money in the future.

Cleaning smoky smells out of your laundry

Air quality has been a concern in recent years, with the Southeast Asian haze making an annual appearance during the dry season. A result of smoke created by forest fires, these particles not only make visibility and breathing difficult, they also stick to surfaces like clothing that can leave them smelling and looking the worse for wear.