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Give your loved ones a cleaner and healthier home with these appliances

They are a part of the environment and play a role in nature, but rarely do they have a place in your home. Mould is usually found outdoors, helping to break down fallen leaves and trees. When they make their way into your house however, it may be time to bring out the cleaning tools.

Clean up your vacuuming for pristine results

Vacuums have made cleaning the home a much more convenient affair. And while they may have replaced the broom in modern households, many homeowners have yet to update their own cleaning techniques when using their vacuums.

Filtering the myths of vacuum suction

When picking out a vacuum, appliance manufacturers are apt to tout two particular features – the vacuum’s suction power and its high wattage. But while important, the power of a vacuum’s suction and wattage do not tell the entire story when it comes to keeping your home spic and span.

Accessorise your home with the latest vac colours

If vacuum cleaners had their own fashion show, the Electrolux UltraOne could take pride of place on the catwalk. The international iF design award winner combines sleekness with user friendliness and superior handling, in a range of colours from basic black, white and red to special edition ones like cassis, clear blue and chocolate brown.