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Vacuum tips that are great for both your home and utility bill

Is your vacuum cleaning out more than just your home? While vacuum cleaners do make cleaning more fuss-free, it can suck up quite a bit of energy doing so as well.

Quietly superior vacuuming in just one package

Urban living in a hot and humid climate requires more attention to cleaning due to the constant dust build up. The humidity encourages dust mites, mould and bacteria if dirt is allowed to accumulate. Yet for many, cleaning is a chore best left to another day.

Get more than clean floors out of your vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner’s handy to have around the house, and not just because it can clean dirt and dust off your floors. They can also be used on furniture, curtains and hard to reach crevices with just a change of the attached brush, in addition to helping you with pest control.

Accessorise your home with the latest vac colours

If vacuum cleaners had their own fashion show, the Electrolux UltraOne could take pride of place on the catwalk. The international iF design award winner combines sleekness with user friendliness and superior handling, in a range of colours from basic black, white and red to special edition ones like cassis, clear blue and chocolate brown.

Clearing the air on vacuum cleaners

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, the laws of slang don’t apply. The more it ‘sucks’, the better it actually is. How much your vacuum cleaner can inhale – and keep it in – can make an impact on your life, ranging from time spent cleaning to your health.

Sachet into fresh rooms with new fragrances from your vacuum

You’ve spent the morning working hard, cleaning and vacuuming the various rooms in your house. You’re pretty sure you’ve left no furniture unturned or dirty spot uncleaned. So, what’s that musty smell and where is it coming from?

Minimising your carbon footprint at home

The greenhouse effect is not just a consequence of the actions of large organisations. Everything we consume leaves what the environmentalists like to call a ‘carbon footprint’.

Bloggers usher in the Doom of the Broom

They have served humanity well for centuries, but all good things must come to an end. Not to mention make way for a better, brighter and more efficient next generation. The humble broom met its doom in 10 winning bloggers’ homes at the conclusion of Electrolux’s Doom of the Broom blogging contest in May. Open […]

Small wonders that have changed our lives

The Great Wall can be seen from space and the Leaning Tower of Pisa may be an architectural miracle, but they don’t make your morning coffee or de-wrinkle your clothes in minutes. The wonders of the world may awe and inspire, but the small appliance has done wonders in making a difference in the everyday lives of millions, largely unnoticed.

Fifteen minutes to a cleaner bedroom

The bedroom. Our final refuge after a long, hard day. The one place where we can relax in total privacy.