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Stylish heaters in your bathroom for the best post-shower Aura

Having a hot shower for most people is usually an imprecise process with little more to go on than turning the knob for hot water and running the tap until the water reaches the temperature you want. The recently launched Allure and Aura storage water heaters from Electrolux takes the guesswork – and cold surprises – out of your bath water. And saves both water and energy in the process.

Enjoy hot (and eco-friendly) showers at home

There’s nothing like a nice hot shower on a cold day or in the evenings, to wash a stressful day away. Unfortunately the stress relief could be negated by utility bills that seem to go in only one direction: up.

Hotter and more sensational showers for your home

After a long day at work, hot showers can be a godsend. That’s why Electrolux is bringing a new range of instant water heaters to now give you that great shower experience in the comfort of your own home.