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Electrolux Partners with Designer Elaine Griffin to Dish About Suite Design: The Art of Creating a Desirable Kitchen Space Where Form Meets Function


CHARLOTTE, NC, April 29, 2013 – As any home entertainer knows, no matter how big or how close the family room is, the kitchen is always the center of any celebration.  This means kitchen designers are increasingly finding ways to marry form and function when it comes to the layout and design of the most heavily trafficked room of the house.  Electrolux partnered with Interior Design Expert Elaine Griffin to provide tips for creating a stylish, functional kitchen design that incorporates the latest trends.

“The key to creating a stylish yet functional kitchen is embracing the art of what I like to call ‘Suite Design,’” says Interior Designer Elaine Griffin.  “I start by selecting beautiful appliances that complement one another – like the Electrolux matching suites of kitchen appliances, which are sleek, stylish and ingeniously designed to enable professional results – and then I build out the rest of the elements from there.”

Elaine’s “Suite Design” tips include:

  • Plot out a functional floor plan: Divide the room into zones, designating one zone for each of the activities you plan to do most in the kitchen (e.g., dining, food preparation, homework, bill paying).  Consider creating a “work triangle,” which ensures equal distance between the cooktop, refrigerator and sink.  As these three areas are any kitchen’s main theaters of operation, minimizing the distance between each will make movement more fluid and productivity more prevalent.
  • Find your perfect match: When creating a sleek overall look, matching is a “must.”  Opt for a suite of matching kitchen appliances from a single manufacturer.  Electrolux offers beautiful suites of matching refrigerators, induction cooktops and dishwashers that are designed to look striking together while delivering professional results.
  • Dial up the style: Spice up an otherwise muted décor with pops of color and patterns via a dramatic backsplash (either in a contrasting material like tile, or painted/decorated with art decals or accessories).  Explore geometric-patterned wallpaper or bright- or dark-hued painted walls. Tie in complementary patterns and colors in fun, easy-to-clean fabrics for seating areas.  Balance cabinetry material with optimal colors (oak-hued, wood cabinetry looks great with rich, chocolate walls and white cabinetry is set off by bright citruses, blues and reds).
  • Invest in smart innovations: Look for kitchen appliance packages that do the heavy lifting for you with ingeniously designed features that inspire and enable amazing results. New offerings from Electrolux include:
    • French Door Bottom Mount refrigerators with versatile, adjustable Perfect Temp drawer that store a variety of foods and beverages at the ideal serving temperature
    • Professionally inspired cooking solutions (e.g., an induction range, built-in wall oven or cooktop) that are adapted for the home chef with features that provide ultimate precision and control
    • Dishwashers that offer the most versatile and adjustable racking system (easily fitting more than 180 items from chopsticks to stockpots to stemware) and quick, quiet cycles that will not disrupt a gatherin
  • Shine the spotlight: The lighting scheme should create an inviting ambiance but should also coordinate with and complement the true “stars” of the space. A great rule of thumb is to ensure that only one zone has a scene-stealing star, which means pre-selecting the area in the kitchen you want to truly shine and constructing the lighting scheme to highlight it prominently.
  • A place for everything: Most families congregate in the kitchen and use it as the “command center” for scheduling, homework, bill paying, etc.  It is a good idea to designate a “mini-office” space that can be kept neat with file cabinets, drawers, cubbies and/or a calendar pin board.  An organized office space can also help keep every member of the family in the loop with busy schedules.

Electrolux appliances are available at select retail locations.  Please visit www.electroluxappliances.com for more information.

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Electrolux has a rich heritage of developing kitchen appliances in Europe, which have been used throughout fine homes and restaurants for more than 80 years. Among these products is the prestigious Molteni brand, a name chosen by the world’s greatest chefs who expect the ultimate in cooking performance. Design centers around the world are focused on understanding consumer needs and developing innovative designs that fit how consumers live. For more information visit www.electroluxappliances.com.



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