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New Electrolux washers and dryers offer the ultimate in clean and care


Electrolux Front Load Perfect Steam Washer with SmartBoost™Electrolux Front Load Perfect Steam Dryer with LuxCare® Dry

New Washing Machine Features the Industry’s First Detergent Dispenser For PODS®

CHARLOTTE, NC, January 9, 2018 –Electrolux is building on the success of its award-winning laundry pair with the launch of its newest washer and dryer during the 2018 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. The Electrolux front load washer currently holds a top consumer-rated position on homedepot.com with a 4.7 out of 5 stars. Now, Electrolux will offer products with everything consumers already loved plus more new benefits, so consumers can effectively and efficiently care for a variety of fabrics.

Most Effective Stain Removal (1) with Exclusive SmartBoost™ Technology

This new washer still delivers the most effective stain removal available with our award-winning SmartBoost technology. Unlike other front load and top load washers, this technology premixes water and detergent before the wash cycle begins. As a result, fabrics receive a deep, all-around clean and stains are quickly and effectively removed.

More Flexibility with Industry’s First Adaptive Dispenser™ that Accepts PODS®

According to P&G, the manufacturer of the leading detergent, Tide®, consumer demand for PODS continues to grow as a detergent form. In other front load washers, consumers must put PODS directly into the drum before putting in fabrics to wash. However, in this new washer the PODS release detergent before leaving the dispenser, allowing it to go to work in conjunction with the SmartBoost technology, to achieve the cleanest clean.

Better Care of Fabrics with the LuxCare™ Dry System

Over drying can lead to wear, tear, shrinkage and wrinkling in fabric. The new Electrolux Front Load Dryer has a unique sensor that detects moisture even when something wet doesn’t directly come in contact with it, so items are never over dried, but there also aren’t wet items left at the end of the cycle.

Added Convenience Features

Electrolux’s new Front Load Washers and Dryers also incorporate many features that deliver speed, world-class cleaning, and expert level care performance on every cycle. These include:

  • The Perfect Steam option on the washer vents steam from the bottom to effectively remove stains.
  • The Instant Refresh cycle on the dryer removes wrinkles and quickly refresh your favorite items with steam in just 10 minutes.
  • A 15 Minute Wash cycle on the washers and a 15 Minute Dry Fast Dry Cycle on the dryers means you can have a complete load of laundry done in just 30 minutes (2).
  • A reversible door and a standard 27″ platform on both the washers and dryers means they can fit in more rooms and allow for easier loading, no matter how the appliances are configured.

“We are excited to make it even easier for consumers to keep their clothes looking and feeling great,” said Amie Guy, Vice President of Marketing, at Electrolux North America. “Electrolux offers the best stain-fighting washing machine and now is the first to make sure consumers get the ultimate in cleaning, no matter what type of detergent they prefer.”

The new Electrolux Front Load Washer with SmartBoost Technology and companion Front Load Dryers will be available as a part of a full new line of products launching in May 2018.

About Electrolux®

Electrolux has a rich heritage of developing innovative kitchen appliances in Europe, which have been used throughout fine homes and restaurants. Among these products is the prestigious Molteni brand, a name chosen by the world’s greatest chefs, who expect the ultimate in cooking performance. Design centers around the world are focused on understanding consumer needs and developing innovative designs that fit how consumers live.

For more information, visit www.ElectroluxAppliances.com.

(1) Compared to Samsung WA52J8060AW and WF42H5600AW, Whirlpool WFW87HEDW, LG WM3570HWA, Maytag MHW5100DW. Based on industry standard AHAM HLW-1-2013 testing using comparable load, normal cycle, cold temperature and similar settings.
(2) Fast time based on 3 lb. DOE load.

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